Les Misérables

by Alain Boublil (author), Herbert Kretzmer (lyricist), Claude-Michel Schonberg (composer) more...
Arts Center of Coastal Carolina - Elizabeth Wallace Theatre
14 Shelter Cove Ln.
Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
April – May 24, 2009


Doug Jabara
(credited as Douglas Jbara)
Lindsie VanWinkle
(credited as Lindsie Van Winkle)


scenic designer
costume designer
lighting designer
director of production
I Love Les Miz
by Margaret Evens
published 06/12/2009 in Low Country Weekly

The staging is every bit as artful and dazzling as one expects Les Miz to be, with the actors backlit against a dark, gloomy canvas, literally glowing in rich chiaroscuro...The costumes are beautiful and full of detail. I cannot say enough about the cast.The ensemble is so uniformly strong, but standouts include: Lindsie Van Winkle as a soulful Eponine; Doug Jabara as a resolute, tormented Javert; and Meghan Colleen Moroney and Christopher Vettel as the irrepressible Thenardiers. Special praise must be reserved for Jason Kraack as Jean Valjean, one of the most demanding roles in musical theatre.


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