The Christmas Schooner

by John Reeger (author), Julie Shannon (composer), Julie Shannon (lyricist)
The Mercury Theater
3745 N. Southport
Chicago, IL 60613
November 16 – December 31, 2011



music director
costume designer
scenic designer
scenic designer
lighting designer
assistant to the choreographer
casting coordinator
technical director
properties designer
dance captain
sound engineer
assistant lighting designer
dialect coach
assistant stage manager
assistant to the costume designer
graphic designer
piano conductor
musician (percussion)
musician (harp)
musician (cello)
musician (violin)
musician (keyboard)
musician (reeds)



You've never seen 'Christmas Schooner' like this
by Chris Jones
published 11/23/2011 in Chicago Tribune

So when I say that the newest production of the "Schooner" at the reborn Mercury Theater, where it is staged by director (and theater owner) L. Walter Stearns and lightly choreographed by Brenda Didier, is by far the best sung of that dozen I've seen, that's pretty much the whole deal. It's no coincidence.

You may well have seen "Schooner" before, but you won't have heard it sung (or seen it acted) at this level.

And the overall atmosphere could not be more welcoming to all comers.

'The Christmas Schooner' gets a bigger venue and an expert refit
by Mary Houlihan
published 11/27/2011 in Chicago Sun-Times

L. Walter Stearns, the artistic director of the Mercury Theater, has given the musical new life in a production that pleases in every way.

Stearns, who put Porchlight Music Theatre on the map before moving to the Mercury, has infused "The Christmas Schooner" with a new vitality.

And the size of the Mercury stage allows for an opened-up set that makes the show seem bigger yet more intimate.

With this heartwarming production, "The Christmas Schooner" rejoins the ranks of holiday favorites. It's good to have it back.


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